Friday, December 20, 2013

A Mission and other things

After several sessions of brainstorming, we were able to extrapolate some of the ideas that kept coming to the top of the list.  We took those and made a mission for the North Philadelphia Neighborhood Cluster knowing that we would not always have control some of the elements needed to fulfill it.  i.e. staffing.

Our mission is:  The North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries promise our communities that: 

·         Our libraries will be fully staffed and open during posted hours.
·         Our buildings will be clean, inviting, and welcoming havens within your community.
·         Our staffs will develop dynamic and informative programs for families and individuals.
·         We will actively work with community organizations to enhance library services.

Cecil B. Moore Library                Lillian Marrero Library                              Rodriguez Library
Kensington Library                      McPherson Square Library                     Widener Library

This mission statement was incorporated into an introduction piece that we had designed and printed as well as electronically that we could send to various officials and organizations.

Free Library of Philadelphia
North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries   

I am writing to inform you of a Free Library of Philadelphia initiative that will be introduced to your communities as the North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries.  We are working fervently to provide library service that is consistent, cohesive, and responsive to the needs of the immediate communities served by these libraries.  Six North Philadelphia libraries have been formed into a “cluster.”  The six libraries within this cluster are:

·         Cecil B. Moore Neighborhood Library located at 2320 W. Cecil B. Moore Avenue.
·         Kensington Neighborhood Library located at 104 W. Dauphin Street.
·         Lillian Marrero Neighborhood Library located at 601 W. Lehigh Avenue.
·         McPherson Square Neighborhood Library located at 601 E. Indiana Avenue.
·         Ramonita G. de Rodriguez Neighborhood Library located at 600 W. Girard Avenue.
·         Widener Neighborhood Library located at 2808 W. Lehigh Avenue.

The purpose of forming this library cluster is twofold:  (1) Serving as a cluster will allow us to provide more consistent service by always being open during our scheduled hours. (2) This new configuration will facilitate and enhance our libraries’ ability to work closer with neighborhood schools, health-centers, and other non-profit organizations so that we can support and complement the work that is already being done in these neighborhoods.

Our librarians in the North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries have pledged that they will endeavor to become well-versed in the potential resources that are available to certain targeted areas and audiences.  Some of the topics currently under consideration, but not limited to, are:

·         Early Literacy
·         Family Literacy
·         Health and Wellness Information
·         Job Seeking
·         Services to New Americans
·         Services to Seniors
·         Services to Teens

I am the newly designated Cluster Leader for the North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries.  I would be keenly interested to hear from you and your organization about ways that we can work together to bolster library services for your community.  I look forward to working with you and your organization.  Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Marion Parkinson
North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries Cluster Leader

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