Thursday, December 26, 2013

All-Cluster Meetings

An important component to taking the staff from six individual branches and getting them to work together as one unit is creating opportunities for everyone to come together to work, plan and play.  (Not necessarily in that order.)  All six branches were put on a Monday & Wednesday late night schedule.  This has two benefits.  Even though the branches have slightly different late night schedules, everyone has the same schedule for two days each week, which makes it easier to move staff around for coverage.  Also, we obtained permission to delay opening on the first Thursday of each month until 1:00 PM.  All staff report to the rotating meeting place at 8:45, and we meet until 11:30.  That gives all staff time to have lunch and travel back to their branches in time for the 1 pm opening.

The cluster "officially" kicked-off on October 1, 2013.  We had our first all-staff meeting on October 3.  The agenda was as follows.

Which chocolate bar did you choose?  (A fun personality test
What’s on a penny? (A team building exercise.
Siobhan Reardon and Sara Moran (about 10:30)
Let’s talk about community organizations
  • Organizations staff members are already involved with
  • Organization staff members know about
  • How do we find out about the rest
Those pesky targets – what to do  (See below for an explanation of the targets)
Next steps/Questions
Next meeting
An explanation of the aforementioned targets:  As an easy and unobtrusive way to gauge public opinion each branch made a hand-drawn target asking how we are doing.  After two weeks they were taken down.  At the end of the six month pilot project, we will post another target at each branch, and compare the results.  We really are hoping to see improvement!  Here is what the wall in my office looks like right now.

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